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David Byrne - Los nuevos pecados/The New Sins

Text (English/Spanish) and Photos by David Byrne
Design by Dave Eggers
Size: cm 16 x 11
pp. 186
80 colour-illustrations
Faber and Faber Limited
ISBN 0571 21228 X
List Price: € 18 $ 15
Our Price: € 12 $ 10

LipanjePuntin Gallery is delighted to present a new book by David Byrne. Los nuevos pecados (The New Sins) is a book updating the Bible's sins for a more contemporary audience. The project started through LipanjePuntin Gallery with a request from the Valencia Bienal: artists were asked to address the idea of sin. Byrne wanted to make a small book, about the size and shape of a portable Bible, addressing the idea of sin. He discusses sin in general, and elucidates the new sins /los nuevos pecados - among them Hope, Beauty and Sense of Humor - in this profound and funny and absolutely singular book. The book is bound in red plether and illustrated with over 80 of Byrne's photographs.

Copies of this book are distributed around Valencia (Spain) throughout the duration of the Valencia Bienal.


This book is for everyone. It is written in plain language, allowing both professional and lay person to derive sustenance and pleasure from its pages. It is made to be carried. The book can be consulted at any time of day and in any place - its convenient size fits a purse or jacket - think of it as a laptop for the soul. (...)


This book, like a newspaper, a porno magazine, a homecooked meal or a strand of DNA, can be opened and cosumed beginning anywhere. The whole is contained in all and any of its parts and all parts are contained in the whole. No one part is better than any other part, and there is no right order in which to read the book.

David Byrne

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