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Massimo Giacon - Sexorcismo 2000

Essays (Italian/English)
by Ferruccio Giromini, Daniele Luttazzi, Mimì Colucci
Size: cm 28 x 24
pp. 64
58 colour-illustrations
Edizioni Mare Nero (February 2000)
ISBN: 88-87495-07-6
List Price: € 14,46 $ 14
Our Price: € 12,91 $ 13

My theory on pain is simple: either you laugh or you don't. Massimo Giacon's art does not only know the erotic satisfactions of pain, but also wants to usurp religion's power to lift sacrifice and torture from carnal excitement to sanctity. The goals that inspire the deepest suffering are fundamentally the same ones that motivate artistic creation: challenging established values and undermining the halls of power.
Giacon backs away from an alliance with authority by exploring the rapture of the erotic submission land domination. Just as in Medioeval times, the Church followed the subversion of carnival with the penitence of lent, in Giacon's work the swatch rutilance alternates with S&M transcendence. His anxious and aggressive sexual fantasies continually threaten to explode into violence or to snuff themselves out in depression. His live performances resist the temptation of charity by adding power to enjoyment, by answering pain, doing everything possible not to avoid it. I am convinced that if he wasn't an artist, Giacon would be a serial-killer. he has the meekness.
Fortunately, he has chosen not to do the real thing, but the true one.

Daniele Luttazzi, February 2000
(from the introduction to the book)

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