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Massimo Giacon- Philosophers in the Pop Planet

Texts (Italian/English) by Tiziano Scarpa
Size: cm 29,5 x 21
pp. 32
28 colour-illustrations
LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea (November 2001)
List Price: € 15,5 $ 15
Our Price: € 13 $ 12,5

The Modernissime have inveigled the philosophers into their pop planet in the same way as the Greek playwrights dragged the Gods down from heaven, representing them - according to Plato - as at the mercy of all-too-human passions. The trick of the Modernissime is to pretend that the philosophers are a menace. Signed on by the Modernissime as the "baddies", the philosophers consider themselves fearsome, whereas in reality they are simply laughable. And the beauty of it is that the Modernissime, confronting them, get hurt themselves: the bruises, the wounds, the burns are all real

Tiziano Scarpa
Philosophers in the Pop Planet

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