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Antonio Girbes- Cabezas Cortadas

Essays (Italian/Spanish/English)
by Juan Carlos Iglesias and Miguel Pérez Escrivà
Cover Design: Stefan Sagmeister
Size: 29 x 22,5 cm
pp. 80
34 colour-illustrations
Giampaolo Prearo Editore, Milano (November 2001)
ISBN -88-7348-000-4
List Price: € 20 $ 19
Our Price: € 18 $ 17

After 1990 Antonio Girbes chose flowers as his subject for study, whether given to him as a present, or simply come upon or, in particular, grown in his own Denia garden. One day a lunatic tried to cut off his head with an axe, since then Girbes decided never to return to his house and garden, nor work again with flowers, his favourite theme. That summer, on the occasion of the centenary of the Austrian Archaeological Insitute, he was invited, together with various teachers and archaeologists, to visit the escavations at Ephesus. One Turkish morning he encounters the head of... Aresteion, whom he will later call SPEECHLESSPRIEST. At that precise moment, he confessed, the flowers turned to stone and a new obsession entered his life. Today Girbes tells how one summer's day he left off cutting flowers in order to cut off heads.

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