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Robert Gligorov - State of Grace

Essay (Italian/English) by Cristiana Perrella
Size: cm 28 x 24
pp. 64
46 colour-illustrations
Castelvecchi Editore (March 1997)
ISBN -009-x
List Price: € 25,82 $ 24,17
Our Price: € 20,65 $ 19,34

(...) Robert Gligorov is a producer of tattoos. He is partecipates in the body-as-show process throught the production of a highly de-semanticised language, where no identification exists between the containers of meaning and the significance these images once had in ancient times. This characteristic turns the tatto into something extremely contemporary since images in art - trans-avant-garde art, for example - are also experiencing this particular state: happily freed from all burdens and significance, they soar as pure signifiers. The tattoo flies over the body, crosses it like a torpedo, and turns it into something light and dancing. Gligorov's body is a Macedonian body. Like Alexander the Great, he is carrying out and performing deeds of such durability as to be a reference point for posterity. (...)

Achille Bonito Oliva, December 2000
(From the essay of the book)

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