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Lucia Pescador - Inventario di fine secolo con la mano sinistra

Essay (Italian)
by Emanuela Garampelli
Size: cm 28 x 21
pp. 52
22 colour-illustrations
Edizioni KKA (January 2000)
List Price: € 18,07 $ 17,50
Our Price: € 12,91 $ 12,50

This book contains some examples of Lucia Pescador's most recent artwork Lucia Pescador works principally on paper mountings, preferring drawing and pastels. In 1992 she began a series entitled "Inventory at the End of the Century with the Left Hand", with images on used paper of the culture of our century. The series so far includes: Art, Nature, Artificer, Hotel du Nord.... Employing old, used paper (account sheets, hotel registers, tax forms, musical scores etc.) Lucia Pescador, by sheer instinct, retreads the paths of anthropology: primitive art, the sacred texts of antiquity, the quintessential symbols of every epoch. Ancestral religious emblems reduced to geometrical motifs, Egyptian hieroglyphics, the cross...but also more mysterious, personal choices: a steamship, a mountain lake, claustrophobic interiors, pieces of furniture. There is no lack of modern references, however, (the Malevic cross, the bedroom at the Hotel du Nord - stock theme of French poetic realism - the postcard that renders emblematic even the most banal of landscapes), but the poetic charge which infuses these transforms them into universal archetypes - and all this by means of a subtle, intellectual, pictorial language, sometimes disquieting and deceptive, but in a playful vein, with frequent references to the apparently inconsequent world of fairy-tales-fairy-tales intended as an account of improbable realities which run parallel to our everyday world, referring to it, but continually denying its rational, logical laws.

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