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Cameron Slocum - Some Words Here
(Acrylics on plastic, masonite and paper)

Essay (Italian / English) by Michael Anderson
Cover Design: Stefan Sagmeister
Size: cm 29 x 22,5
pp. 34
13 colour-illustrations
Edizioni Pendragon (May 1999)
ISBN -90-6
List Price: € 14,97 $ 14,5
Our Price: € 10,32 $ 10

The paintings of Cam Slocum depict scenes from life pulled inside out, as it were, with the so called "mental image" proferred, and the likeness they describe witheld. They are composed with language they are in essence an image that language provides an account of while being, aside from this account, composed of language, an image of words dispersed across pictorial space. The viewer must infer, from words isolated in one area or coagulated in another, the scene depicted by this orthographic residue. These are deceptively undramatic paintings that compel us to sleuth around in them. At first sight they seem like an obsessive phenomenologist's relentless cataloguing of the world, but the view is select rather than unbounded. They are more like finding a manuscript with pages missing: all the more intriguing for their narrative lacunae. We discover in viewing, that is, in reading the paintings, moments of eroticism, irony, and strife the make up contemporary life (...)

Michael Anderson, May 1999
(From the essay of the book)

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