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Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Autoritratto con 24 corpi diversi

Autoritratto con 24 corpi diversi
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Wien 138

Wien 138
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Nebbia sulla palude

Nebbia sulla palude
Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Analogo a Ad Reinhardt

Analogo a Ad Reinhardt
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Paesaggio di

Paesaggio di
Nicolas DeStaël
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Analogo a Mark Rothko

Analogo a Mark Rothko
Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Hamburg

  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Paesaggi olandesi

Paesaggi olandesi
sul Carso
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Peaesaggi di W. Turner

Peaesaggi di W. Turner
Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Campi solcati

Campi solcati
  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Analoga

  Mario_Sillani Djerrahian-Salita di montagna

Salita di montagna
Mario Sillani Djerrahian was born in 1940 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
He lives and works in Trieste, Italy.

It is commonly believed that the personal experiences of an artist deeply influence his research; this is also the case of Mario Sillani Djerrahian. Born in Addis Ababa, as a child he was forced to move to Trieste with his family whose origins are partly Armenian. Few years later he was given a camera as a present; he then took part in several photography contests with great results. Despite his strong aptitude and the talent displayed, his main interest at the time was science, to the study of which he decided to devote himself full time. Only in 1968, after years of struggles and sufferings, he makes his debut as a photographer. In 1974, during an exhibition at the Galleria del Cavallino in Venice – workshop and crucial seat of artistic research at that time – Sillani published a personal collection of ideas and thoughts about photography. Through the camera eye he looks around himself and sees the nature, the earth, the sky; he decodes the surrounding phenomena and interprets them through his own culture and sensibility. In the Seventies he focused on the concept “photo-grapheme”, carrying out an enquiry into the practice of photography that refers to the concept of “phoneme”, as far as the uttered word is concerned. The works of those years are investigations about the medium, and are meant to highlight the method of the investigation itself. Besides, the artist is also very interested in the concept of reproducibility.

From the Eighties Sillani became more and more fascinated with the concept of landscape, defined by its viewer. Today the landscape – a visual “idea” which spreads from the eye and the brain – remains one of the main objects of his artistic research. The artist has also developed a strong interest for art history and has intervened in various ways on landscapes by other artists, like for example on Nicolas De Staël’s, of which he managed to offer a synthetic presentation, a sort of essential résumé. He focused also on the Seventeenth century Flemish painting, and in particular on the work of van Ruysdael and Hobbema. In the meantime, he never abandoned his peculiar gaze on reality and nature. In his works the stones, for example, are real subjects that evolves into abstraction, pure idea.

At the core of his art we also find the notion of perception, applied to different contexts. One of these is the fruition of art through the new technologies: a process that allows art itself to communicate in a more direct and diverse manner. Objects and phenomena reveal themselves as in an epiphany in which what deeply strikes him is the discovery of the reciprocal similarities. Hence the scientific perspective, applied to catch the real essence of what we perceive. His most recent works, concerning a landscape examined from an eminently geological point of view, can be inscribed within this area of research.
Mario Sillani Djerrahian - Selected Group Exhibitions


Remote Sensing, Armenian Center for Contemporary Art, Yerevan (Armenia)
  Fotografare il tempo, Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone (Italy)
  Il fuoco della natura/ The Flash of Nature, Salone degli Incanti -Ex Pescheria, Trieste (Italy)


7X8R- Arte e Decrescita, Museo d'Arte Moderna Ugo Carà, Muggia (Italy)
  Sembianze. La fotografia tra realtà e apparenza, Museo San Francesco, San Marino (Italy)
  Fotografare la luce, La Fortezza, Gradisca d'Isonzo (GO) (Italy)


Fotografare la fotografia, Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone (Italy)
  Fighting flowers, Lipanjepuntin Arte Contemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
  13 Fotografi fotografano la luce, ITIS- Galleria San Giusto, Trieste (Italy)
  Fotografare la fotografia, Teatro Miela, Trieste (Italy)


Take a walk on the wild side, Comprensorio di San Giovanni, Trieste (Italy)


Passaggi/Paesaggi, Varie Sedi, Padova (Italy)
  Passaggi a Nord Est, Galleria Civica Cavour, Padova (Italy)
Mario Sillani Djerrahian - Selected Solo Exhibitions


Analogo al paesaggio, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
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