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-Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Brain of a Pavian
  -Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Blue Snakes
  -Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Snake Eating Frog
-Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Polar Bear
  -Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Embryo of a Fox
  -Conserving Animals:

Conserving Animals:
Daniel Fuchs was born in 1966 in Alzenau, Germany.
Geo Fuchs was born in 1969 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Both currently live and work in Neuberg, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Since 1993, Daniel and Geo Fuchs have created work that thematically focuses on borders and border experiences. For at least four years they have explored the themes of life and death.

In 1996, they began photographing (with the 4x5 camera) different scientific collections in Europe. They interested themselves in animals such as fish, mammals, and reptiles conserved in alcohol. In their photographs, the animals maintain a remarkable sense of life in death.

Conserving is a trilogy comprised of: Conserving Fish, Conserving Animals, and Conserving Humans.
  Art Brussels, ADN Galeria, Barcelona ((Spain))
Daniel & Geo Fuchs - Selected Group Exhibitions


Art & Toys- Collection Selim Varol, Me Collectors Room, Berlin (Germany)
  Il fuoco della Natura/ The Flash of Nature, Salone degli Incanti -Ex Pescheria, Trieste (Italy)
  Megacool 4.0, Kunstlerhaus, Wien (Austria)


Art Brussels, ADN Galeria, Brussels (Belgium)
  Eros & Stasi, Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst, Aachen (Germany)
  swab Barcelona, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (Spain)
  Arco, Galerie Caprice Horn, Madrid (Spain)
  Art Amsterdam, Artitled! Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  Art Hong Kong, galerie Caprice Horn, Hong Kong (China)
  inter-cool 3.0, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund (Germany)
  Introducing! 2009-2010 Open Art Fair Utrecht, ARTITLED! Contemporary Art, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  Artist Duos - Artist Friends, Swiss Art Institution, Karlsruhe (Germany)


Art Fair Eindhoven, Galerie Caprice Horn, Eindhoven (Germany)
  Affordable Art Fair, Artitled Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)
  Art Dubai, Galerie Caprice Horn, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  Art Karlsruhe, Artitled Gallery, Karlsruhe (Germany)
  Art Hong Kong, Galerie Caprice Horn, Hong Kong (China)
  Art Amsterdam, Artitled Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  Palm Beach Art Fair, Galerie Caprice Horn, Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
  Impacte, Fundacion Mas palou , Lleida (Spain)
  Recent Additions to the Norton's Collection, Norton Museum of art, Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
  Open Art Fair, Artitled Gallery, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  The End. Analyzing Art in Troubled Times, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh (USA)
  Pictopia, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Germany)
  Affordable Art Fair, Artitled Gallery, Paris (France)


Art Hong Kong, Galerie Caprice Horn, Hong Kong (China)
  Palmbeach Art Fair, Galerie Caprice Horn, Palmbeach, Florida (USA)
  Portraits - Selfportraits, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  Beyond the Boundaries, Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin (Germany)
  Open Art Fair, Artitled Gallery, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  Slick Art Fair Paris, ADN Galeria /Galerie dix9 Paris, Paris (France)
  Kiaf Korea, Galerie Caprice Horn, Seoul (South Korea)
  Affordable Art Fair, Artitled Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  Art Paris Abu Dhabi, Galerie Caprice Horn, Paris (France)
  Lineart Gent, Artitled Gallery, Gent (Belgium)
  Photo Miami, ADN Galeria, Miami, Florida (USA)
  Arte Santander, ADN Galeria, Santander (Spain)
  5 is just a number, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (Spain)
  Circa Puerto Rico, Galerie Caprice Horn, Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
  Maco Mexico, Galerie Caprice Horn, Mexico City (Mexico)
  Arco , ADN Galeria, Madrid (Spain)
  Art Chicago, Galerie Caprice Horn, Chicago (USA)
  Art Brussels, ADN Galeria, Brussels (Belgium)
  swab Barcelona, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (Spain)
  Art Cologne, Galerie Clairefontaine, Cologne (Germany)
  Scope, Galerie Caprice Horn, basel (Switzerland)


Reality Bites, Gallery Caprice Horn, Berlin (Germany)
  Other families, Palazzo Cavour , Torino (Italy)
  Optical Titillations, Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin (Germany)
  Art LA, Gallery Caprice Horn, Berlin (Germany)


Polaroid als Geste, Museum für Fotografie, Braunschweig (Germany)
  PHOTO Los Angeles, OMC Gallery, Huntington Beach, California (USA)


PHOTO Los Angeles, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  Four centuries of smoking in art, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


International Biennial of photography, Torino (Italy)
  Paris Photo, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  Minerva Accademy, Groningen (The Netherlands)
  Kunst RAI Amsterdam, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Daniel & Geo Fuchs - Selected Solo Exhibitions


Toygiants, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  Toygiants, Kunsthalle Wien Project Wall, Wien (Austria)


Toygiants, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  New Works, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (Spain)
  New Works, Young Gallery, Knokke (Belgium)
  Forest, Artitled! Contemporary Art, Herpen (The Netherlands)
  New Works, Artitled! Contemporary Art, Herpen (The Netherlands)
  Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Magda Danysz Galerie, Paris (France)
  Forces, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (Spain)


Stasi-Secret Rooms, Museo de Bellas Artes Santander, Santander (Spain)
  Wolfsburg Museum, Wolfsburg (Germany)


Stasi-Secret Rooms, Photoforum PasquArt, Biel (Switzerland)
  Toygiants, Young Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)
  24.04-31.05.08: Stasi, Secret Rooms, Toy Giants, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  Stasi-Secret Rooms, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  Toygiants, Staedtische Galerie Wolsburg, Wolsfburg (Germany)
  Stasi-Secret Rooms, Galerie Dix9, Paris (France)


Stasi-Secret Rooms, Gedenkstaette Deutsch Teilung Marienborn, Marienborn (Germany)
  Stasi-Secret Rooms, Staedtische Galerie Neunkirchen, Neunkirchen (Germany)
  Daniel & Geo Fuchs-works of a decade, ADN Gallerie, Barcellona (Spain)
  STASI. Secret Rooms, Palau de La Virreina, Barcelona (Spain)


Toys, Museum Villa Stuck, München (Germany)
  STASI. Secret Rooms Geheime Räume, Museum Villa Stuck, München (Germany)


Famous Eyes, Fotoforum West, Innsbruck (Austria)


Famous Eyes, Kunstverein Lippe, Detmold (Germany)
  Famous Eyes / Conserving, Stiftung Starke/Lözenpalais Grunewald, Berlin (Germany)
  Conserving, Photoforum PasquArt, Biel Bienne (Switzerland)
  Famous Eyes / Conserving, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (Germany)
  Conserving, Galerie du Forum de l'Image, Toulouse (France)
  Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (Germany)
  Conserving Photographie, Forum des images, Paris (France)


Famous Eyes - Conserving, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht (The Nederlands)
  Luxemburger Porträts, Galeriefontaine, Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
  For Your Eyes Only, Photology, Milano (Italy)


Famous Eyes, Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
  Famous Eyes, Kunsthaus Barlach Halle K, Hamburg (Germany)
  For your eyes only, Galerie Photology, Milano (Italy)
  Looking at another World, Centre National d'Audiovisuel, Esch (Luxemburg)


Conserving, Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum, Berlin (Germany)
  Conserving, Medizinhistorisches Museum, Zurich (Switzerland)
  Conserving - Rammstein, Staatsbank Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
  Conserving, Congress Centrum Saar, Saarbrücken (Germany)


Conserving, Berlach Halle K, Hamburg (Germany)
  Conserving, Galerie Le Réverbère 2, Lyon (France)
  Conserving, Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto (Canada)
  Conserving, Rencontres Internationales Photographie, Arles (France)
  Conserving Fish, Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange (Luxemburg)
  Conserving, Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel (Switzerland)
  Conserving, Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


Espada, Kunsthaus / Berlach Halle k, Hamburg (Germany)
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