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-Army Girls (I)

Army Girls (I)
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Army Girls (II)
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Chechen Sniper (I)
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Army Girls (V)
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Army Girls (IV)
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Army Girls (VI)

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Soldiers (I)
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Soldiers (II)
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Soldiers (III)
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Soldiers (IV)
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Soldiers (V)

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Secretaries (I)
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Secretaries (II)
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Secretaries (III)
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Secretaries (IV)

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Guitarists (I)
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Guitarists (II)
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Guitarists (III)
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Guitarists (IV)
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Guitarists (V)

-Souvenirs (I)

Souvenirs (I)
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Souvenirs (II)
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Souvenirs (III)
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Souvenirs (IV)
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Souvenirs (V)
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Souvenirs (VI)
-Fayur-Soyuz (I)

Fayur-Soyuz (I)
  -Fayur-Soyuz (II)

Fayur-Soyuz (II)
  -Fayur-Soyuz (III)

Fayur-Soyuz (III)
Sergey Bratkov was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1960.
From 1969 through 1978 he attended the Repin Art College in Kharkiv.
In 1983, he graduated from the department of Industrial Electronics at the Polytechnic Academy in Kharkiv to complete the typical Soviet education.

In 1987, Bratkov’s had his first solo shows in Kharkiv, Cheb, and Tel Aviv. In the following years, he enjoyed international recognition from his solo exhibitions at the Forum Stadtpark Graz, in Berlin, Nuremberg, Wisconsin, and Triest. He also took part in smaller and larger post-Soviet group exhibitions in Finland and New York, international art fairs, the Sao Paulo Biennale 2002, the Moscow Photobiennale, and recently at the Venice Biennale 2003.

Bratkov’s work is heavily influenced by his Kharkiv origin. For many years he worked with Boris Mikhailov, a mature artist who developed his radical realist style with the underground Vremia group. During this time, Mikhailov learned to confront social taboos without trepidation. In Kharkiv, a large industrial town, misery and poverty are omnipresent: homeless children, prostitutes, frozen corpses, and drunks depress the already devastated landscape. In this setting, social realism is essential and the portrait, in its transcendent and stereotypical form, of special value. Whether portraying party members, workers, peasants, space travelers, scholars, or soldiers, every individual is presented as a hero. This crude standardization also characterizes National Socialist art.

Bratkov must be considered in the Soviet and post-Soviet context. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian and Ukranian photography reconstructed itself according to the Western tradition. It managed, however, to maintain a unique identity due to its original form and content.

The nineties witnessed a radical change in photographic tendencies. On one hand, there was a return to the Constructivism pioneered by Rodchenko; on the other, forms of staged photography emerged, including tableaux vivants, landscape, documentary, and action photography. Artists also experimented with photographic manipulation to create ironic and cynical images using Photoshop. In Moscow, many important artists launched a new era of photography with the Group AES, Efimov, Group Fenso, Infante father and son, Liberman, Kulik, and Mukhin, among others.

Prior to this revolution, there were signs of a bourgeoning avant-garde Russian and Ukranian photography. In the 1960’s, there was a special development in Ukraine’s Kharkiv. A group of photographers established themselves in the underground art world as pioneers of a radical realism. Members of the Vremia group not only transformed “permitted” subject matter such as architecture and labor, but also confronted taboo themes such as of male nudity. Bratkov’s, Michailov’s and Solonski’s resistant and progressive “Fast Reactoin Group” grew up out of this movement.
Sergey Bratkov - Selected Group Exhibitions


Io sono, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)


Maravee Fàbrica, Castello di Susans, Majano (UD) (Italy)


Russia Today: video arte dalla nuova Russia, Galleria Nina Lumer, Milano (Italy)
  Diary of a Madman, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Passion is the difference, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
  Between the Sacre and the Profane, CIAP vzw, Hasserlt (Belgium)
  Art to spend time, M'ARS Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow (Russia)
  Workers & Philosophers, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Skolkovo (Russia)
  What's Up Sea? Rauma Biennale Balticum., Rauma Art Museum, Rauma (Finland)
  Futurology, Center for Contemporary Culture GARAGE, Moscow (Russia)


Azioni molto semplici senza uno scopo preciso, Galleria Artra, Milano (Italy)
  Russian Lettrism, Central House of Artist, Moscow (Russia)
  Future depends on you. New Rules, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (Russia)


Provocation? II, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna (Austria)
  52nd Venice Biennale, Ukrainian Pavilion, Venice (Italy)
  Progressive Nostalgia, Centro per l'Arte Contemp. Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italy)
  On Geekdom, parallel project of Art Athinai, Athens (Greece)
  2nd Moscow Biennale, Moscow (Russia)
  Bellezza pericolosa, Palazzo Roccella, Napoli (Italy)
  So Close / So far Away, Be-Part, Waregem (Belgium)
  Russia Miami 2007, Collins Building, Miami, Florida (Usa)
  Supermodels II: Real vs Unreal, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Roma (Italy)
  BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (UK)
  Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (Russia)


Catodica, Different locations, Trieste (Italy)
  Full House: Gesichter einer Sammlung, Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim (Germany)
  Arte Fiera, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Bologna (Italy)


Transit, Mechelen (Belgium)
  Collectie herfst 2005, MUHKA, Antwerp (Belgium)
  Urbane Realitäten, Fokus Istambul, Berlin (Germany)
  First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Biennale, Moscow (Russia)
  The Artists in Their Own Words, MUHKA, Antwerp (Belgium)
  Beyond the Red Horizon, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (Poland)


Moscow-Berlin 1950-2000, Central Historical Museum, Moscow (Russia)
  Manifesta 5, San Sebastián (Spain)
  Arte Fiera, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Bologna (Italy)
  Arco, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea & Regina, Madrid (Spain)
  MiArt, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Milano (Italy)
  Esperando una chamada, Cengtro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  Beauty of Darkness, Reflex Modern Art Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  Collection Autumn 2004, Antwerpen (Belgium)
  Shrinking Cities, KW Kunst-Werke Berlin e. V., Berlin (Germany)


50th Venice Biennale, Russian Pavilion, Venice (Italy)
  Arco, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Madrid (Spain)
  Corpo sociale, Galleria Pack, Milano (Italy)
  Horizons of Reality, MUHKA, Antwerp (Belgium)
  Arte Fiera, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Bologna (Italy)
  ARCO, LipanjePuntin & Regina Gallery, Madrid (Spain)
  Berlin-Moscow/Moscow-Berlin 1950-2000, Martin - Gropius - Bau, Berlin (Germany)
  MiArt, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Milano (Italy)
  Neue Anzatze, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf (Germany)


Melioration, Moscow (Russia)
  Sans Consentement, CAN, Neuchatel (Switzerland)
  Shock & Show, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
  XXV Bienal de Saõ Paulo, Saõ Paulo (Brasil)
  Artissima, LipanjePuntin & Regina Gallery, Turin (Italy)
  Art Cologne, Regina Gallery, Köln (Germany)
  MiArt, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Milano (Italy)
  Photobiennale 2002, Manezh, Moscow (Russia)
  Brand Ukrainian, Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Arte Fiera, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Bologna (Italy)


Inverse Perspectives, Edvik Cultural Center, Sollentuna (Sweden)
  Winter Exhibitions, Inst. of Visual Arts Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Usa)
  Art Cologne, Regina Gallery, Cologne (Germany)
  Artissima, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Torino (Italy)


Clean Room, Promzona Club, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Contemporary Photographers of Ukraine, Contemporary Art Center, Thessaloniki (Greece)
  Two Sides, Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Olaf Breuning & Sergey Bratkov, Museum-Fortress Cosoi Caponir, Kiev (Ukraine)


Face Value, Ukrainian Stock Exchange, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Moscow Art Fair, Manege, Moscow (Russia)
  Regards sur l'Ukraine, Passage du Retz, Paris (France)
  The Future Is Now. Ukrainian Art of '90s, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (Croatia)
  3rd Triennale of Photography, Graz (Austria)
  Contemporary Photographers of Ukraine, Festival Est-Ouest, Die (France)
  Photographers from Kharkov, Gallery Kohlenof, Nürnberg (Germany)
  The Taste of the Other, Tokyo Japanese Club Restaurant, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Contemporary Photofraphers of Ukraine, Le Quai, Mulhouse (France)
  Carte-blanche a Boris Mikhailov, Cité International des Arts, Paris (France)
  After the Wall, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Sweden)


A Day in the Life, Crimean Project-I, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Intermeedia, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Humanature, Nortalie (Sweden)
  Public Interest, Gallery of the Artists' Union, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Accomodation, Gallery U Iezuitov, Poznan (Poland)
  Dressed in White, The Art Gallery at Pamapo College, Mahwah, New Jersey (Usa)


Lege Artist. By the whole Artist Rules, Photo Center Exar, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Photo Synthesis, Gallery of the Artists' Union, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Intrigue-Provocation, Zilinkas Art Gallery, Kaunas (Lithuania)
  Simptomatic Anonimity, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)


Sugar Plum Vision, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  The Family Album, Kyiv Mohyla Academy Gallery, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Hermetic Forest, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Commodity Feticism, Ukrainian House Cultural Center, Kiev (Ukraine)


Barbaros, Artists Union Gallery, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Bred in the Bone, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  The Art of Photography From Ukraine, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey (Usa)
  Black and White, Center for Contemporary Arts Brama, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Mouth of Medusa, Center for Contemporary Arts Brama, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Illya Chichkan & Sergey Bratkov, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey (Usa)
Sergey Bratkov - Selected Solo Exhibitions


Glory Days, Deichtor Hallen. Haus der Photographie, Hamburg (Germany)
  Male Games, Espacio Minimo, Madrid (Spain)
  How Much?, Deweer Gallery, Otegem (Belgium)
  Ukraine, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev (Ukraine)


Balaklavsky Drive, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Glory Days, PHoto España - Channel of Isabel II, Madrid (Spain)


Searching for the Horizon, Transit Gallery, Mechelen (Belgium)
  Searching for the Horizon, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Glory Days, Fotomuseum Winerthur, Winterthur, Zurich (Switzerland)
  Heldenzeiten (Glory Days), Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur (Switzerland)


Conversazioni... pericolose! Sergey Bratkov, PAN, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Napoli (Italy)
  BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (UK)
  Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (Russia)


Sergey Bratkov: Dream Rooms, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem (Belgium)
  Misanthrope, Espacio Minimo, Madrid (Spain)
  Part of My Life, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (Russia)
  SPA, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)


Sergey Bratkov, S.M.A.K., Gent (Belgium)
  Birds, Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt (Germany)
  Installation, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (Belgium)
  Collecti@n, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Seven, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  On a Volcano, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
  Prison, Photobiennale 2004, Moscow (Russia)
  Manifesta 5, San Sebastian (Spain)


Steelworkers, Transit Gallery, Mechelen (Belgium)
  Souvenirs, Scena Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Dreams and Conflicts. Tondo, Venice Biennial - Russian Pavillion, Venice (Italy)
  Faust and Margherita, Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
  Kids, Espacio Mínimo, Madrid (Spain)


My Moscow, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Djeti - Kinder - Kids, Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim (Germany)
  www.girls.ru, LipanjePuntin artecontemporanea, Trieste (Italy)
  Souvenirs, Atelier Karas, Kiev (Ukraine)


Fayur-Soyuz, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)


Kids, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
  Sailors, Regina Gallery, Moscow (Russia)


Alien, Cultural Dept. of the German Embassy, Kiev (Ukraine)


America House, Kharkov (Ukraine)
  Performance at A Day in the Life/Crimean Project-I, Tennis-Courts of Kiev Tennis Club, Kiev (Ukraine)


The Daily Journal of Chicatilo, Galerie in der Brot Fabrik, Berlin (Germany)


There Is No Paradise, Up/Down Gallery, Kharkov (Ukraine)
  The Daily Journal of Chicatilo, The Medical Cabinet of Prof. D. Pirogov, Kharkov (Ukraine)
  There Is No Paradise, Mixt Gallery, Kiev (Ukraine)


In the Haystacks, Galerie in der Brot Fabrik, Berlin (Germany)
  Frozen Landscape: Photo-Action, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (Ukraine)
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